Who We Are and What We Do

PacificaBlue Consulting is a leading consultancy providing facilitation, strategic planning, land use planning, policy, and organizational development services.

We continuously meet and exceed both clients’ and participants’ expectations when delivering on project goals and milestones. We work in collaboration with our clients to design processes, clearly scoping objectives, tasks, roles, and timelines. We design, manage and execute workplans, budgets, and reports for our clients, ensuring work phases are completed on time and within budget limits.

Integrated and custom-designed planning approaches enable the inclusion and deep involvement of all participants. Our processes highlight the key issues for discussion while allowing for creative dialogue that is both engaging and meaningful for all involved.

Engaging the right people in the right process – whether internal or external to your organization is a key mantra in our firm that influences organizational success. As much as we are responsible for meeting client goals, we also seek to meet participant goals. We believe that when the right people are engaged in a process that is well designed and unique to that target audience, effective ideas are generated, strong outcomes are achieved, and more likely supported into the long term.  Greater organizational success is achieved towards missions and visions. Our repeat clients tell us we are on the right track in providing the services needed to lead to positive outcomes for all involved.

Sandra Bicego – Principal

Sandra Grey Jacket

As an engagement specialist, land use policy writer, and strategic planner, Sandra combines her law and planning degrees to form the basis of her work. Sandra holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Western Australia, focusing on aboriginal, environmental and land use planning. Her master's degree, from the School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia, focused on multi-stakeholder engagement, policy, land use planning, and conflict resolution.

Whether facilitating, developing new strategic directions, or developing new policy, for over 22 years Sandra has helped clients engage and bring ideas forward in a safe forum towards collaborative outcomes that have lasting effect. A member of IAP2, Sandra provides meaningful in-person and online engagement services using an array of meeting tools and techniques. Recognizing that carefully designed processes engage stakeholders in active and supportive ways, Sandra enjoys seeing her processes lead to greater success for an organization and its desired outcomes.




Sandra draws upon her law and planning background to provide a range of services including:

  • Management, design, and facilitation for decision-making processes such as community and stakeholder consultations, forums, and workshops – whether virtual or face-to-face – including internal staff meetings;
  • Development, implementation, and management of surveys and policy-based research and writing, and program evaluations/assessments;
  • Strategic planning and organizational development for government, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.

With a personal and professional interest in sustainability, Sandra’s experiences involve a range of land use and policy planning issues with a particular focus on:

  • Marine protected areas planning, development, and governance
  • Commercial and sport fisheries policy development
  • Conservation, invasive species and species at risk planning
  • Climate change planning
  • Indigenous land and resource use planning
  • OCP and regional growth strategies development
  • Tourism policy planning and management
  • Crown land recreation management
  • Inclusion and arts /culture strategic planning
  • Transportation planning
  • Corporate social responsibility

Sandra has written several reports and articles for First Nations, non-governmental and governmental agencies seeking advice on effective design of collaborative processes for the establishment and management of protected areas both in Canada and abroad.