PacificaBlue provides a range of services from facilitation of meetings and community
events to strategic planning and organizational development as well as policy research and
writing and government program reviews.

We seeking to meet and exceed both clients’ and participants’ expectations.
PacificaBlue works hard to deliver on project objectives and milestones, working directly
with clients, on our own, or in teams with other colleagues, to ensure objectives and
tasks are clearly laid out to enable successful and affective achievement of project

We design, manage and execute workplans, budgets and reports for our client teams,
providing management services to ensure project phases are completed on time and
within budget limits.

Integrated and custom-designed planning, consultation approaches and tools are used
to ensure the inclusion of all key participants, getting at the key issues for discussion,
and ensuring that dialogue is creative and engaging while meaningful.

Our policy is one of engaging the right people in the right process – whether internal
or external to your organization. As much as we are responsible to clients’ goals, we
also seek to meet those of participants’ to any process. We believe that when the right
people are engaged in a process that is well designed to that target audience, effective
ideas are generated and better outcomes are achieved.