First Nations and BC Parks leading Visitor Use Management Strategies in Sea to Sky

Increasing visitor use has become a growing issue of concern for the Province and also First Nations with traditional territories in Sea to Sky Country. BC Parks is collaborating with key Nations to discuss the co-development of a visitor use management framework that can help identify values and management measures for Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. PacificaBlue Consulting is facilitating the liaison and engagement process with the Nations to discuss the utilization of the framework and creation of a possible vision and strategies. This collaborative model may be integrated into recreation and tourism related decision-making throughout the Sea to Sky region and the province. Implementation of management strategies are targeted for 2019. 


















Community Impact Real Estate Society (2018)

Community Impact Real Estate Society (CIRES) is a lease and property management social enterprise purposed to manage a commercial property portfolio designed to ensure affordable goods, services and social service supports are available and accessible to low income residents living in the inner city.

Sandra designed and led a series of stakeholder engagement workshops in the inner city to convey CIRES’ role in the community, enable CIRES to be a support and build strong relationships based on a shared vision for an inclusive and robust local serving economy that supports the well-being of low income and vulnerable residents.

Sandra assisted CIRES through a Board strategic planning workshop which created a strategic framework to guide it direction for the next several years.