Sandra Bicego – Principal

As Principal of PacificaBlue Consulting, Sandra founded the consulting practice in 2005.
Prior to that she was an associate of Dovetail Consulting from 1998.
Sandra holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Western Australia
focussing on aboriginal, environmental and land use planning. Her Masters degree
was obtained from the School of Community and Regional Planning at the University of
British Columbia with a focus on stakeholder engagement and conflict resolution.

Sandra draws upon her law and planning background to:

  • design, manage and facilitate stakeholder discussions, decision making
    processes, and public consultations
  • provide facilitation and strategic and organizational development services for non
    profit, business and governmental programming
  • research and write policies, reports and plans for government
  • design and implement program evaluations.

With a personal and professional interest in sustainable living, Sandra has experience
working on a range of land use and policy planning issues with a particular focus on:

  • Marine protected areas planning, development and governance
  • Land and resource use and conservation
  • Urban land use and growth management
  • Species at risk planning
  • Climate change planning
  • First Nations land and resource planning
  • Regional growth strategies development
  • Official community plan reviews and development
  • Commercial and sport fisheries policy development
  • Tourism and recreation policy planning and management
  • Corporate social responsibility

Sandra has written several reports and articles for First Nations, non governmental and
governmental agencies seeking advice on effective design of collaborative processes
for the establishment and management of marine protected areas both in Canada and